Upperroom Concert by SONICrider



SONICrider is a producer/musician/artist & performer from the South of The
SONICrider started in 2008 producing 30 + tracks (2 albums / some EP’s & a
single on an American label), 100 + soundscapes, many video's & studio
sessions. Time to perform!!
Currently combining electronic music & analog sounds producing experimental
danceable music with all kinds of styles: during a performance the audience
will be guided through a world of sound & vision.
While exploring the analog world “A State Of Liquid” a story about water was
born… Combining analog sound, light en visuals. The visuals are captured over
the last years, lights will support the mood & the music will move from
experimental to technoiz & back…..

SONICrider = Jurgen Winkel former musician of the band BLIND an underground
electro-rock band during the nineties.
Blind toured several years in Europa and played on many festivals & released
various songs (tape, records, CD’s and compilation): listen BLIND on
SoundCloud or visit the website and find out more.......
Jurgen Winkel is sound engineer at SONICriderSTUDIO & initiator of the Ableton
User Group Eindhoven & owned a 24 mobile recording studio which transformed
into a digital online mastering studio. Since 2015 SONICriderSTUDIO is
available for mastering services.
As a stage and/or FOH engineer Jurgen mixed several (inter)national artist on
(inter)national stages........
“Let the sound do the talking”